Thailand's First Lifestyle Shopping Complex.
Using creative art work and sculpture as part of the shopping complex’s interior, this shopping complex offer to shopper and passer – by alike, a fun and inter-active experience with these art pieces, rather than just using it for decoration.

Separated into 6 different shopping Zones, each with unique design and ambiance, shopper could enjoy myriad shopping experiences and easily locate which zoning they are in or wanted to visit.

Furthermore, the zones are designed to be opened and inter-connected, this way shopper could see through to the other zone, creating a flow while shopping.
Looking to attract 150,000 customers every day, CentralWorld has within itself 18 different entrances and exists for the convenient of the shoppers no matter which direction they are coming from. Providing 7,000 parking spaces and 6 lanes road (CentralWorld Avenue) running around the Shopping Complex. All of this are design with the conscious of trying to ease traffic congestion from the car leaving and entering from the 2 main road, RAMA I Rd. and Rajdamri Rd.

6 Largest Specialty Retail Stores Brands in Thailand.
Offer a variety of domestic and import products from abroad.

Super Sport
The biggest and all round supplier of sport equipment supplier as well as the longest (30 meter.) shoes display in Thailand (Shoe wall)
Gathered together a whole range of different design and version of Digital products and IT technologies. Offering entertainment under the concept of Technology for Life such as Karaoke World, Recording Room where customer and record their own song; creating their own personalize album.
Thailand’s Biggest Bookstore, coving over 3 Floors, offering an extensive selection of stationary, entertainment media, books and magazines of both Thai and foreign languages.
Central FoodHall
Our supermarket, offered a new shopping experience where by shopper can pick out fresh ingredient and have a chef prepared a dish of their choice straight away. The supermarket also has a cookery corner which demonstrates different international dish preparation. The FoodHall also gathered together over 70 of Thailand’s most renowned restaurants.
SB Furniture
Present a new concept using a different variety of imported furniture
Toy R’ US
This branch with the most eye catching interior, fully packed with games and toys of very kind

Other Service
  1. Shopping complex with cover over 550,000 sq/m. + The 2 Shopping Department Stores, Zen and Isetan, which you can only find at CentralWorld
    + 500 different retails which include 35 different fashion brand name flagship stores and 36 new fashion brands which never before was offered in Thailand
    + 6 Flagship specialized stores
    + Over 50 restaurants and 21 Movie theaters
    + Activities Zone and Educational Center for children
    + Outdoor Activities Zone
  2. 2. 90,000 sq/m. 5 starts hotel, 55 Level – Completed in the year 2008 with 500 rooms
  3. 3.17,000 sq/m. Convention centers - Completed late 2007 as one of Asia largest convention center, built with the architecture brilliance of no pillars.
  4. 4. 80,000 sq/m. 45 Floor Office Tower – Completed as one of the most modern building of Thailand.
  5. 5. The biggest indoor parking lot in Thailand, 287,000 sq/m. with 7,000 parking space.