Tourist Hot Pick Must Visit Must Eat Must Shop 旅游热点必参观 • 吃 • 购物 @centralwOrld | centralwOrld
31 October 2023

Tourist Hot Pick Must Visit Must Eat Must Shop 旅游热点必参观 • 吃 • 购物 @centralwOrld

Reason why to visit?

Recommend famous restaurants that you must eat, shop, and visit. you can come to shop all in one location only at centralwOrld.

为什么要来 centralwOrld ?
只有在 centralwOrld,您才能享受到如此一站式的服务。

Must Visit: When traveling, you will have to come to worship for good fortune. Visit the exhibition and enjoy the atmosphere at night.

  • The Trimurati shiren And The Ganesh shiren (In front of centralwOrld)
  • The world of STUDIO GHIBLI’S (CentralwOrld LIVE 8th fl)
  • Groove (at centralwOrld)


  • Trimurati shiren 和 Ganesh shiren( centralwOrld 前面)
  • The world of STUDIO GHIBLI’S( 8 楼 centralwOrld LIVE )
  • Groove( centralwOrld )

Must Eat: list of must-visit restaurants. that you must try When you come to visit here.

  • Din Tai Fung (3rd fl. Zone A)
  • HOLIDAY PASTRY The Dining Room (7th fl. Zone A)
  • Kam’s Roast (7th fl. Zone B)
  • Laem Charoen Seafood (3rd fl. Zone B)
  • Nara Thai Cuisine (7th fl. Zone B)
  • Pang Cha Thai Royal Café (3rd fl. Zone E)
  • SOMBOON SEAFOOD (6th fl. Zone C)
  • Thong Smith (3rd fl. Zone B)

必吃:必去餐厅清单。 当你来这里打卡时一定要尝试一下。

  • Din Tai Fung ( 3 楼 A 区)
  • HOLIDAY PASTRY The Dining Room ( 7 楼 A 区)
  • Kam’s Roast( 7 楼 B 区)
  • Laem Charoen Seafood( 3 楼 B 区)
  • Nara Thai Cuisine( 7 楼 B 区)
  • Pang Cha Thai Royal Café( 3 楼 E 区)
  • SOMBOON SEAFOOD ( 6 楼 C 区)
  • Thong Smith( 3 楼 B 区)

Must Shop: Center of selling fashion, sports, spas and fragrances, gadgets, and home décor. Tourists should not miss these collectibles and souvenirs. You'll find everything in one location.

  • comma and (1st fl. Zone I)
  • Good Goods (1st fl. Zone D)
  • Hug Craft (1st fl./5th fl. Zone D, C)
  • Karmakamet (1st fl. Zone E)
  • Let’s Relax spa (2nd fl. Zone D)
  • Lululemon (1st fl. Zone C)
  • Ravipa (3rd fl. Zone E)
  • Uniqlo (3rd fl. Zone C)
  • Gentlewomen (2nd fl. Zone A)
  • Pop Mart (1st fl. Zone I)
  • Casetify (1st fl. Zone B)
  • Nitori (5th fl. Zone I)


  • comma and( 1 楼 I 区)
  • Good Goods( 1 楼 D 区)
  • Hug Craft( 1 楼 / 5 楼 D、C 区)
  • Karmakamet( 1 楼 E 区)
  • Let’s Relax spa( 2 楼 D 区)
  • Lululemon( 1 楼 C 区)
  • Ravipa( 3 楼 E 区)
  • Uniqlo( 3 楼 C 区)
  • Gentlewomen ( 2 楼 A 区)
  • Pop Mart( 1 楼 I 区)
  • Casetify( 1 楼 B 区)
  • Nitori(5 楼 I 区)

在 centralwOrld 寻找世界目的地的各种活动。