A selection of well-known goods that tourists must purchase @centralwOrld 游客必买的热门商品合集 @centralwOrld | centralwOrld
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A selection of well-known goods that tourists must purchase @centralwOrld 游客必买的热门商品合集 @centralwOrld

When traveling to Thailand, you must buy all in one place only at centralwOrld

去泰国旅游,如果希望在一个地方能买齐全部东西,那么 centralwOrld 一定是您的首选之地。

Watsons (4 FL.) The Most Popular Health & Beauty Products: Such as

  • Inhaler / Balm: The most popular souvenirs for tourists are Hong Thai Brand Herbal Inhalant, Tiger Balm, Zambuk, and Poi Sian. The best products in Thailand. Signature scent. Living with Thais for a long period.
  • Tiger Balm: Helps reduce pain. Recommend this Snake Brand Cooling Powder or Bennett Soap. All of these are Thai items. Everyone must bring home.

屈臣氏(4 楼)—— 最受欢迎的健康美容产品:如

  • 鼻通 / 膏药:最受游客欢迎的纪念品是宏泰牌青草膏、虎标万金油、沙巴和八仙筒鼻通。这些都是泰国本土特色产品,有着标志性的独特香味,也是泰国人日常必备。
  • 虎标万金油:有助于减轻疼痛。推荐这款蛇牌清凉粉或贝内特香皂。这些都是泰国生产,游客必买伴手礼。

Tops Super Market (7 FL.)

  • Mama: Thai instant noodles the flavor of the condiments is fiery, sour, and salty, and it has become another souvenir purchased by tourists.
  • Tom Yum Paste: Thai curry paste is another famous souvenir from Siam for foreigners. It's just as delicious as eating it in Thailand and it's also very convenient to bring back to your country.
  • ChaTraMue: Thai tea has a scent that is not found in other teas. If you visit Thailand, you must try it at least once. If you are seeking gifts for your foreign friends, look no further. Thai tea is my recommendation.
  • Taokaenoi: A popular Thai brand of seaweed snacks that tourists must purchase as souvenirs.
  • Bento: Snacks are among the most popular snacks purchased by Koreans. Probably because the flavor is a combination of spicy and sweet, and the price is reasonable.

Tops Super Market (7 楼)

  • Mama :又辣又酸又咸的泰式方便面,已成为游客购买的又一伴手礼。
  • Tom Yum Paste:泰式咖喱酱是另一款备受外国游客喜爱的暹罗本土特色伴手礼。其美味程度堪比在泰国品尝,而且携带回国也非常方便。
  • ChaTraMue:泰式茶有一种其他茶所没有的香味。如果到了泰国,您至少必须尝试一次。如果您正在为外国朋友寻找礼物,那就别再犹豫了,我们强烈推荐泰式茶。
  • Taokaenoi:泰国受欢迎的海藻零食品牌,伴手礼比入。
  • Bento:这是韩国人最常购买的零食之一。可能因为是辣甜结合的味道,而且价格适中。

Hug Thai Zone (1 FL.) Best place to buy souvenirs for tourist

  • Jing Jai Market: All processed fruits have a long shelf life and more delicious especially fried durian It is the most popular souvenir item from Thailand. that kimchi people should buy back most countries Because durian is known as the queen of Thai fruits. It guarantees deliciousness.
  • Good Goods: The best items of all time for well-known businesses such as Good Goods, a well-known Thai tourist brand, whether it is woven bags or elephant pants that are comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the price is reasonable.

Hug Thai 区(1 楼)——游客购买纪念品的最佳地点

  • Jing Jai Market:所有加工多的水果都有较长的保质期,尤其是炸榴莲,是泰国最受欢迎的伴手礼之一。对于喜欢泰式风味的人来说,这是一个必买之物,因为榴莲被誉为泰国水果之王,美味可口。
  • Good Goods:这是一个知名的泰国品牌,其产品包括编织袋和穿着舒适的大象裤等。不仅如此,价格也十分合理,是泰国大受欢迎的品牌之一。

Gentlewoman (2 FL.): Fashion clothing brands include style tote bags, which Chinese tourists must purchase and bring back to their home country when visiting here.


KARMAKAMET (1 FL.): Thai perfume brand well-known This is popular among tourists. Scented candles, diffusers, essential oils, room sprays, and scented bags are just a few of the things that have captured the hearts of many people.


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